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A Bad Day For Pretty novel

I’m in my mid-30’s, male, watch sports, officiate basketball and football, love baseball, eat steaks, enjoy a good MMA and boxing fight, listen to hiphop and pop music, a busy father of three, and by the way…I’m a member of the Romance Writers of America.

There I said it.

I feel liberated for some reason. I really don’ know why I had–emphasize had–hesitations admitting this freely. I guess this is part of my journey as an aspiring author. I initially joined two years ago because I wanted to be around successful people in the book publishing industry. I find their experiences helpful and keeps me motivated to keep writing. I now say it proudly–I’m an RWA member!!!

The San Francisco chapter of RWA has some great authors that I’ve met who have helped me along in my quest to be a respected writer. Sophie Littlefield is someone I can point towards being a great support. Her book ‘A Bad Day for Pretty’ was released earlier this year and has garnered rave reviews across the country. She also has an upcoming Young Adult fiction that sounds awesome and is supposed to be released in October. Check out her website here!

Other authors in the SF RWA chapter include JoAnn Ainsworth, Tawny Weber, Brenda Novak, Carolina Montague, Christine London, Bella Andre, Veronica Wolffe…the list goes on and on and I’m majorly lucky to be in such a great chapter. To see the entire list of authors, click here!

The fact there are so many published authors in SFRWA is invaluable to me as I go ahead with my writings. It’s a tough task to balance family, work and novel writing. RWA represents, and if you’re an aspiring author, please consider joining. It’s been a gift for me as I look towards publishing my first novel.

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