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Trese – Comicbook and Netflix Series


Each culture has its own derivative unique to their own people. For Filipinos, we have distinct mythology that pre-dates Spanish colonization. This is one reason my book series is called The Bathala Series. Bathala was a deity worshipped by native islanders. For pop culture authors and creators, this mythology is open for interpretation and a treasure trove for creativity.

For Enlightenment, I wrote a coming-of-age love story with Filipino history and mythology adding to the mystery and tension in Dorothy and Adrian’s relationship. I’ve added elements that had my pop culture side tingling with excitement while being careful to be respectful to my people’s history.

Besides the excitement of having my own novel released in March 2019, I’m excited that Filipino mythology is spawning more stories from various content creators like myself.

Trese is a comic book published in 2005 and is now on Netflix as an animated series. If you haven’t read the comic, read it. Like my novel Enlightenment, it’s one author’s take on Filipino mythology.

As explained in this Vice article, author Budjette Tan and illustrator Kajo Baldisimomined the treasure trove of Philippine folklore to tell the story of their titular, kick-ass heroine, a detective with mysterious skills and otherworldly weapons, who works with the police to solve crimes that defy science and ordinary motives.

There are six anthologies and they are all kick-ass awesome. Check out Trese on Goodreads! And watch it on Netflix by searching “Trese.”

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