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Filipino American History Month

October is Filipino American History Month, a time for our community to reflect on our history in America and our place in the Filipino diaspora.

From the time America took over the Spanish colonized Filipinos in 1898, the majority of Filipinos looked to America for a financially secure life. As more Filipino immigrated, even with the 1935 Tydings-McDuffie Act that limited U.S. immigration to 50 Filipinos per year, we created our own communities and immersed ourselves as model minorities where we didn’t have prominent Filipino populations. Our history is rich, diverse and worth telling and I hope people take the time to attend Filipino American History Month events in October.

I am humbled my debut novel “Enlightenment” is available for pre-order anywhere books are sold this Filipino American History Month. It’s a quick read that explores the forgotten history of our mother land, the Philippines through the eyes of Filipino characters Dorothy and Adrian.

Available on paperback and ebook. Just click on the image below.

Here’s to understanding our history and our place in the world!

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I ask this question to any debut novelist: Is traditional publishing worth it if you are not a celebrity or established writer?  My experience has proven having stories built around Filipino American protagonists is not supported by the Big 5 publishers and not compelling for the majority of literary agents. I understand agents approach any new author with skepticism, yet sometimes I wonder if the ancestry of my characters plays a role. Perhaps it’s my writing…duh! But then I wonder if there’s something else.

There are exceptions such as “Somewhere In Between” by Melissa de la Cruz, yet I wonder if this title is considered a big seller compared to the Descendent books? There are other Filipino writers published by traditional publishers; Mia Alvar. Jessica Hagedorn. Tess Uriza Holthe. I admire them beyond imagination!

Perhaps I don’t see the full landscape. I’m a minnow swimming in the dark seas of the world of publishing, but I notice anytime I state my characters are Filipino American, the agents and fellow writers I talk to seem uncomfortable. As in the excitement dissipates and I’m left wondering  if I should follow the numerous suggestions by the literary “professionals” to change my characters to white, black or Hispanic.

Yet I refuse because being Filipino American is my voice, my being, the only perspective I know. Yes, I want to sell to a mainstream audience, but I’m hoping my stories themes are universal enough to attract readers of all backgrounds.

I guess I’ll find out shortly. My debut novel “Enlightenment” will be released at the start of 2018.  The book’s cover is complete and will debut on my Instagram renowrites during Filipino American month.

Keeping my fingers crossed.




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