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Enlightenment at Bay Area Book Festival

I was recently on a blog tour and here’s one of the reviews by a blogger named Nox Reads. Thank you Nox Reads!

I’m loving the feedback on Enlightenment and it’s simply an honor that readers take the time to read my novel. Writing is a solitary activity and is a battle with yourself. To have it out in the world brings a sense of accomplishment, tempered only with a desire for more exposure; this cycle for wanting more goes up a level. In 2019, I’m grateful and hopeful for the next books in The Bathala Series.

On May 4-5, we had a table at the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley. Great time meeting other authors and readers interested in Enlightenment. We were blown away by the authors around us! Thanks Bay Area Book Fest for having us and appreciate them for exposing Enlightenment to the readers in the Bay! What a great time!

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