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Warriors Parade 2017

I breath basketball outside of writing. I’m the Varsity Girls Head Coach at our local high school and the founder of a 501c3 AAU basketball club. And a hardcore Golden State Warriors season ticket holder!

I secured an invite to be in the Warriors Parade +1. My son NOAH was the lucky one — his sisters declined so he definitely owes them!

They put us in one of the Coaching Staff trolleys. It was fun to see Coach Kerr and Coach Mike Brown running to and from the trolley during the parade!


We also met Ronny, the guy who had Klay Thompson sign his toaster!

Met this fan favorite too!


NOAH was shy to meet these girls, but meet them he did (with a little push from me)!

Dubnation started to wonder — who is that bandana boy in the Coaching staff trolley?

We had a lot of room in the trolley once the coaches consolidated into another cable car!


Hung out backstage during the Rally. NOAH got autographs and we got our fill of shrimp, chicken kabobs and fruit!  We really enjoyed the shade in the tent!


We then decided to go out to the Rally after seeing players and staff play jokes on each other backstage!

The Warriors have been a big part of our lives! The 2017 Warriors Parade had to be at the top of the list of Warrior experiences for our family. Win or lose, we will always be proud members of #Dubnation!

Thank you to the Warriors for taking care of us! NBA Champs baby!

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Love of basketball

My family lives basketball, exemplified by the picture below of us on Sunday May 12, 2013 at Oracle Arena, Game 4 of the Spurs Warriors game.

I’m sure this love of basketball stems from our family’s lineage of ball players in the barrio of the Philippines. Apparently my dad was a baller growing up in San Remigio, Cebu.

Regardless of the reason, I find it a must to always include a basketball related scene in my writing.

Speaking of which, I have 2 manuscripts done. Now I just need to get it out to the world.


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