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Congratulations San Francisco Giants!

Before I go into how awesome the San Francisco Giants are for winning it all this year, let me make it clear: I am a diehard Atlanta Braves fan.

I blame WTBS airing all 162 Braves games when I was a kid playing Little League. Dale Murphy, Glenn Hubbard, Gene Garber were my heroes and later on, the 1990’s Braves: Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Greg Maddux, Greg Olsen, Mark Lemke, Dave Justice, Ron Gant, Javy Lopez…the list goes on.

But what the San Francisco Giants did this year was impressive — even if they beat my Braves in the NLDS. And if anyone is wondering, I cried (to myself commuting to work) when the Braves lost this year, but I was a proud Braves fan for how they overcame injury after injury to get into the playoffs. But they did lose to the eventual World Champs.

As a Bay Area resident, the SF Giants World Series Championship brought me to tears thinking how much my friends and family have been waiting for this since 1954. I was a firsthand witness to the 2002 loss, and I remember watching them in the 1989 Series. All great Giants teams that fell a little short. Even though I don’t claim them as my team, I felt the disappointment of people around me.

But 2010 is the year of the Giants.

This makes the Filipino community so proud. You see, a large majority of the Giants fanbase are of Filipino ethnicity and the Filipino American community is closely tied to the Giants organization. The Giants recognize this fanbase by having a Pilipino Heritage Night every year at the ballpark! What other baseball organization has that? In my opinion, the San Francisco Giants have the largest Filipino fanbase of any other baseball team in America, closely followed by the L.A. Dodgers, San Diego Padres and NY Yankees.

Filipinos are especially proud of Tim Lincecum, a mestizo (half Filipino). We are a people historically overlooked and many Filipinos feel connected to this guy because…well…he’s one of us. He’s not that big, and baseball experts are amazed at how his small frame can muster up a 95 mph fastball.

In my opinion, his Filipino blood has something to do with Lincecum’s motor. Speaking for myself, his motor is similar to many Filipinos I know who seem to never get tired playing sports.

I saw a lot of people of all ethnicities celebrating at the Giants Parade today. When I see a Filipino fan in the crowd, I can’t help but get a little emotional — the Giants mean so much to not only the Bay Area, but to the Filipino and Asian American community.

To all the Filipino Giants fans and Giants fans in general — this is a Braves fan extremely happy for all of you!!

I’m a Braves fan for life — but I’m proud Bay Area resident today.

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I love baseball. So much in fact, I have a baseball blog at Shameless plug I know, but still. I love the sport and I have since I was a fetus. My team of choice is the Atlanta Braves. I blame it on WTBS.

So I blame baseball for my hiatus from my writer’s blog. I know baseball won’t mind. The sport knows it’s true. I pledge to keep this blog updated from this day forward.

It’ll be fun if I’m able to keep this pledge.

Great news: I received positive reviews from The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. I’m just not sure if it means I’m moving forward in the contest. There are just so many talented writers out there. Veritas! It will come out soon.

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He’s back

MLB Trading Deadline today and my Atlanta Braves got Adam LaRoche back as our first baseman.

Alright, Adam now is your chance to hustle and show you care! I predict he’s gonna be off da chain in his 2nd stint with the Braves.

Now let’s beat the Dodgers (sorry Alyssa Milano, but I gotta root for my team. Don’t be mad)

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Get ready for some baseball!

Starting Monday, the Atlanta Braves play the San Francisco Giants. They are not only my two favorite baseball teams, it’s a great matchup because both teams are in the hunt for the wildcard. Of course, I’m a Braves fan first, so I root for them to pummel the Giants, but if the San Francisco wins a game, I won’t be so mad.

I love baseball season!

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