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Some people call my first name of Reno unique, but more often than not, people wonder if I was conceived after a drunken night in the Reno, Nevada casinos. Truth is, my parents named me Reno after seeing the name in a book. Scouts honor.

I grew up in Rogers City, Michigan, a small Northern Michigan town. Once I received my acceptance letter to my favorite college football team, The Michigan Wolverines, I headed to Ann Arbor (with my parents moving to Georgia!)

I was a Kiniesology major, half-heartedly pursuing my parents in the medical field. What I remember most was being in the same classes as NBA stars Chris Webber, Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard. Along with Jimmy King and Ray Jackson, they made up the most famous freshman team in NCAA basketball history (NCAA sanctions aside).  Those were times I’ll never forget.

By my sophomore year, I switched majors to English Literature and Mass Communications. I had no idea what to do with an English degree, but I was writing. In those times, writing and Filipino American Student Association activities prevailed.

Writing especially.

I met my wife when I moved to the SF Bay Area. I became an instant fan of Lynette from the beginning! More specifically, when she didn’t walk out the door after I habitually feel asleep in her company. We’ve been blessed with three beautiful children. I was that young dad at parties with a dazed look in his eye. I used to try and diffuse my dazed look with coffee (which only worked some of the time). Now, they are older and schooling me on dabbing and social media.

I worked in the music industry “straight outta college” (get that reference? Funny huh?) where I learned the nuances of music production and songwriting. I’ve been lucky enough to have written a few songs featured on network television shows!

To Keep A Promise was my first novel I ever wrote. It began as a screenplay that garnered positive responses from  William Morris and Anonymous Content. In July 2008, I started writing the novel. Six months later, I felt the novel was strong enough to say I completed it (but I don’t think I’ll ever be happy, so the joke is on me). To Keep A Promise remains unpublished after many rejection letters to publishers and after the film stalled due to the economic recession. Hollywood wanted slam dunk money makers. A film around Filipino American characters? Not a money maker according to Hollywood.

I started writing my second novel Enlightenment shortly after I completed To Keep A Promise. This has been my writing obsession for almost a decade! This YA novel will be published by Pacific Boulevard Books in March 2018.

I am also an avid Advanced Reader on Netgalley.  I love getting books in advance and seeing how it does after it’s published.

Look for my novel Enlightenment anywhere books are sold starting March 2019!

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2 Responses

  1. s. marvin says:

    good to find you reno!! i’ve enjoyed reading what the wide world of web has to offer on this early tuesday am. glad to see you are doing well. i am a long (many many years ago), lost (not seeking to be found though), friend (this is probably quite an overstatement. i am one who shares a few childhood memories. wonderful to see you are happy and have a good family who loves you. blessings to all….

    who am i? you”ll probably never guess. the secret maybe intriguing, however i am not.

  2. Galvez says:

    cheers to dreams! they’re what keep us going!

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