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Booktalk in Los Angeles

ᜊ ᜆ ᜎ Booktalk at Philippines Expressions Bookshop in San Pedro on Saturday 8/31/19 had me in a great mood when a reader came up with a copy of Enlightenment from her library for me to sign. Memorable times with Tita Linda Nietes, Robert, MariLu Morris! Great to hang out with my homie Rex Sampaga and spent time exchanging stories with Eliseo Art Arimbulo Silva, Abe Pagtama and entrepreneur and writer Gabe Pagtama who has a new release on the Watsonville Riots. As I make my rounds to different bookstores and festivals around the country, I’m encouraged by the support and acceptance of Enlightenment and The Bathala Series in the literary world. Here’s to Philippines Expressions Bookshop for offering me and other Filipino authors a platform for our stories! #renowrites #authorlife

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