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A whirlwind

Life has been flashing by! Since Enlightenment was released in March, I’ve been to 4 booktalks and 3 Book Festivals, all in the name of my Bathala Series! Tucson, Dallas, Los Angeles and Berkeley have been memorable experiences!

All the authors I’ve met have been supportive and for the most part, readers have given me love. Here’s some pics of the various events.

I’ve also had two blog tours so big shout out to Tita Kate Heceta for the Philippines Blog Tour and Sarah Slattery for the stateside tour.

Lately I’ve attended political events within the Fil-Am community to mobilize our community for the 2020 election. I hold a board position in a couple Fil-Am organizations and it’s been keeping me busy outside of my writing world. I’ve been trying to figure out how to talk about my Filipino community involvement while also promoting my Young Adult novel. I don’t want to alienate anyone since politics can be divisive. But my involvement is worth mentioning here and there, and that’s what I’m resolved to do through this blog.

At the same time, I’m working on meeting deadlines for Book Two of The Bathala Series. Some days are slower than others, but when I have a good writing session, I reward myself with sushi!

More to come this summer! Stay tuned! In the meantime, enjoy these random pics of events I’ve attended!

With Terry Nicholas and Des De Leon of indiepop band Julie Plug.

With California assemblyman Rob Bonta

At a LA Philippine consulate’s home!

Book talk at Mockingbird Books

With my Board members at the Fil-Am Caucus meeting.

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