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Accio! Enlightenment!

Here’s a review of Enlightenment by Philippines blogger ZIA!

I found this super sincere and honest and I wish I could write reviews like this! And I love the name of her blog (Harry Potter reference people)!

Here’s an excerpt:

Some reviewers have likened this book with Rick Riordan’s mythology adventure series since Enlightenment brings Filipino myths and creatures in modern times but if you’re a veteran reader of young adult books, you’ll recognize that this book feels more like a YA paranormal/fantasy romance a laMelissa dela Cruz. Secret magical society, chosen ones, mystic dream sequences, inexplicable magical elements, and, most importantly, a hunky male main character that’s destined to protect the female lead – the recipe for a lot of YA paranormal romance in the past decade.

While I’m not one to enjoy a run-of-the-mill YA fantasy romance – I’ve read enough, some might even say too many, to know that that’s just not my cup of tea – I did find the use of Filipino myths and folklore a breath of fresh air in this book.

For the full review, click here!

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LA Festival of Books

The LA Festival of Books took place April 13-14 on the University of Southern California campus. I had committed to coaching my son’s basketball team’s tournament in Irvine and after the Sunday morning game, we headed up to #bookfest!

We ended up catching the YA panel featuring Jenny Smith, Maureen Go and Melissa dela Cruz. What a great way for an author like myself to pick an author’s brain!

After the panel, I walked with my family motivated more than ever to be invited on a panel someday.

Here’s some pics!

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