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Here’s to 2019…and beyond

Happy New Year!

2019 will be a year filled with apprehension and excitement for me. As a writer, you dream about your first novel being published. In my writing story, the beta readers and editors continually challenged me. This was frustrating. But now, I know the story is where it needs to be. I thank them wholeheartedly!

Enlightenment’s publication date is March 2019. We’ve had advanced readers give honest feedback and I’m looking forward to more as March approaches. This is Book One of The Bathala Series, a series I’ve lived with for so long! It’s nerve-wracking and exciting to have Book One available to the public. It’s time for YA readers to be introduced to Dorothy and Adrian.

Enlightenment-with-quote 1

So here’s wishing you all a 2019 to remember. We have quite a bit of uncertainty in today’s world. It’s my hope this uncertainty will not keep us from being grateful for each gift we receive in our every day lives.

In 2019, follow me on Instagram @ renowrites and on Twitter @reno1107. I’ll also be posting on this blog more often.

Thank you all for being patient with me and hope you find Enlightenment in 2019!

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