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Professional Readers – thank you!

There is much debate in the industry on what makes a reader a professional reader.

To me, this person understands the importance of honest reviews for authors, especially debut authors, and provides critical feedback for the author and publisher. They are approved advanced readers on Edelweiss, Netgalley, LibraryThing and other services that garner reviews and ratings prior to a book’s publication date. Their reviews are posted on their blogs, Goodreads and on Amazon. They are dedicated readers who earn badges like this one.

<img src=”; width=”80″ height=”80″ alt=”Professional Reader” title=”Professional Reader”/>

They love good stories. They can see weaknesses. They may get annoyed at flat characters. But they appreciate the character ARC of a story they can’t put down. They are resolute in their opinion. And they take their role seriously. Professional readers are a great gift to all authors.

This holiday season and New Year, I’m in deep gratitude to the professional readers who have taken the time to add Enlightenment to their book list in 2018. With our publication date March 2019, any reviews help us navigate the busy Young Adult market.

For Enlightenment, I’ve averaged 4 out of 5 stars by advanced reviewers aka professional readers. It’s very early in the game, but this is promising news for a debut author like me. For any professional reader who comes across my blog, you can find Enlightenment on Netgalley for a limited time in 2019!

And again thank you professional readers! I appreciate you!


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