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New YA for 2018

Starting 9/3/2018, take a peek at my Enlightenment novel included in the New Amazing Fiction Stories and Novels bundle!This is the first time the novel is available to the public. Official release is October 12, 2018 in print and as an ebook on Amazon! Here’s to Dorothy and Adrian being released to the world!

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Italicize this!

Should we italicize non-English words?

For my novel Enlightenment, the answer is no!

Check out this funny Youtube video that reflects the growing non-italicize movement! Non-English words are not inferior to English words. The only words italicized in my novel are words that need emphasis.

See what I did there?

So possible readers, the Visayan and Tagalog words used in my novel will be in the same font as English words. Oh the nerve…


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