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Thanksgiving 2017

Spending Thanksgiving in Washington State gives me a chance to reflect on the blessings in my life.

My kids. My wife. My family. I am a very fortunate soul.

Family. Everyone uses this word to describes those close to them. Perhaps some use “framily” to be inclusive of both family and friends. Many people have more than one framily based on work or hobbies one is interested in.

The harsh reality of using the word “family” for blood relatives doesn’t translate in how close you are in spirit and mind. You hear about sibling rivalries and parent/child conflicts all the time. What is family? It means different things to different people.

For me, it’s confusing. There are so many relatives I don’t know around the world. I have many relatives I’ve grown close to, only to grow apart. Hardly any family calls or texts just to check up on how I’m doing, yet have friends who do. I’m sure I also need to reach out more. Life relationships are a two way street.

There have been times where I feel I’ve reached out to family but didn’t receive any reciprocation. Then we drift… but I guess we are all drifting through time, only allowing time to briefly stop during birthdays, graduations, childbirths, weddings, funerals and holidays.

So here it is. Thanksgiving 2017. And I feel thankful. Happy. Sad.

Whatever your definition for family or framily, I hope you’re with people you can be yourself and not feel like you’re being judged. I hope you don’t get caught up in Black Friday!

Be safe and look out for more updates on “Enlightenment!”

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