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My activism

I see myself in this photo taken at George Washington University (aka G-Dub!) in Washington DC, circa 1995. So many great people in this photo I consider contemporaries in the Filipino American community. Ben DeGuzman, Aleks Figuora, Melanie Fontanilla Ginelsa, Elrick Jundis, Jeff Castaneda, Eric Galvez, Matt Esparrago, Gigi Miranda.


Out of these names, two have died at such young ages. Joe Montano worked for years on Tim Kaine’s staff. Gigi Miranda was a teacher in Hawaii. Both died in 2016. I sorely miss their energy.

Back then, all of us competed for affection, relationships and to make a mark in the world. We were young, idealistic, energetic. Life was our oyster.

Today, life is still our oyster, but now we all have wisdom from experience.

When I moved to California, I dived into the world of Classified Records, establishing relationships with another set of Filipino Americans who changed the world through music. It was a fun three year ride where I combined my love for music with my community. I have to admit, I didn’t feel very much support from some people during this time. A lot of competing factors contributed to this feeling, with my own insecurities about my future probably being the biggest culprit. The lack of support made me strong, but also made me careful. I know I can withstand the uncertainty.

Today, as a father of three, I have a realist perspective on what it means to change the world for the better. I’ve struggled through the doubt of an unknown present and future. I’ve stayed active throughout the years and have made a commitment to continue to be active in my community.

I’m trying to apply this activism to my writing. I feel a clock ticking at the back of my head to let the world read my stuff. regardless if people like it or not.

Perhaps soon. I surely hope it won’t be too late.

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