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The journey 

I’ve documented the struggles of writers like me burning the midnight oil. We work full-time jobs, focus on family and in our spare time…we write. Something keeps us writing when we can, even if we feel vindicated no progress has been made due to life circumstance.

When someone asked me how my writing was going, I squirmed and changed the subject as quickly as possible. Inside, I felt like a failure. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get this published?

But there are landmarks in the writing process only visible to the writer, landmarks worth noting. Perhaps in the plot and character development. Perhaps the introduction of a new scene, a new element that gives the story more life. 

I’ve had a bunch of them lately. This novel is no longer a point of stress. No no no! I’m learning to appreciate this novel for opening doors as I research the history of the Philippines and Asia. It’s given me insight on the psychology of my people, of family, of myself. Even if this little manuscript never sees the light of day, it has opened my eyes on the world around me. 

For the first time, I’m sincerely enjoying the ride. 

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