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I’ve been traveling around the U.S. lately having found myself in Florida the last week. Humid. Rainy. Touristy. It was the perfect writer’s getaway.

California has such great weather, particularly where I live in Northern California. Seeing clouds and just the threat of rain in Florida helps one get into writer’s mode.

I’ve been thinking about the query process lately. I hate mass querying. These agents are bombarded with submissions and I want to go through the process the right way. I’m putting my heart and soul in each query letter. Regardless if it goes into the slush pile or if the agent takes time with it, at least on my end, I know I’ve put out my best effort.

I’m focusing on pitching my YA Fantasy novel. My characters Dorothy and Adrian have come a long way since I started on this novel years ago. 100,000 words is way too much for one novel, so I’ve broken them up into 2 books of approximately 50K words each.

Part of me wants to combine it and self-publish an Odyssey length novel. Just because I’m not supposed to do it. The rebel in me has me salivating over the thought.

Shame on me…




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