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Here’s my Goodreads review of Paper TownsPaper Towns by John Green
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good story about a boy with a crush on a girl whom he saw a dead body when playing together when they were young. I enjoyed the development of each character as they grew older and how they were affected inside by such a traumatic event. The girl becomes more mysterious to him and others as she develops her own sense of self. The story becomes a mystery as they approach graduation so I enjoyed Quentin gathering clues with his friends. I felt the emotional pull until the end when Quentin and Margo reunite in a paper town. It ended quickly, too quickly as if the publisher told Mr. Green to hurry up and end it within a certain page count. Overall, 3+ stars for keeping me hooked until the ending. A bit disappointed in the ending. I guess I was looking for an ending worth the long trip from Florida. I’m sure Mr. Green did this on purpose perhaps? 3+ stars.


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Paper Towns

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