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Vampires and goblins and werewolves oh my!

Entertainment Weekly’s June 27, 2014 issue (Page 22) points to a Slate Magazine essay by Ruth Graham who argues Adults should be embarrassed for reading Young Adult (YA) novels such as Fault in Our Stars, Twilight or any novel written about mythical creatures like vampires, werewolves, goblins and fairies. Ruth Graham went on to be lambasted on social media through the hashtag #NoShameYA.

Like any genre, there is mediocre YA, but there is also well-written YA novels with layers of themes that makes them borderline Adult Fiction. And people read books for their own private reasons that shouldn’t be judged or be criticized. It’s only the writers–the brave souls who put their work out there for public consumption–who are to be judged regardless if they like it or not. The readers need to be protected; readers provide writers and the book industry in general a chance at making a living–even with book sales on the downturn. What would writers have without the readers?

So if a 60 year old woman reads a YA novel about a 16 year protagonist in love with the high school quarterback–who cares! This is why we read books. Perhaps it to escape reality or maybe a reader connects emotionally with the story or the author. Regardless…

Who cares! Read on good people. Read on. 

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