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Writers block

Ever had writer’s block?

It happens to all writers at some point. It definitely has hit me. Sometimes, just getting my word processing program up & running and opening the manuscript is a task in itself. I tend to blame my busy work schedule and the demands of being a parent, but when I really think about it, I have no excuse. I have to make time and use my limited time wisely.

Having said that, I am not where I wish to be in my fiction writing career. I have two manuscripts I’ve written and continually edit and edit, never happy, never happy. I will have to get over this some day if I want my work published. The perfectionist in me is a blessing and curse.

Will I ever be happy with my writing?

When I become frustrated, I focus on my family and sports, delaying the inevitable return to the manuscript. From there, it becomes a spiral of frustration, a feeling that “I can do better” resonates in my mind with every edit and re-write. It’s my deepest hope that my writing is worth remembering for years to come — and I’m not willing to rush it for the sake of getting something published.

Hopefully, my writing one day will be out to the word and worth remembering. Until that day, onward I go in my writing journey.

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