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Family website

My wife and I have decided to start a family website. The URL was just purchased over the weekend and I consider this the most important website in my life.

We think of it as a time capsule for our kids, family, friends and future generations of kids, family and friends to understand what life was like for our family during this historic time. I’m in the midst of putting this all together, but ultimately, it will have photos, videos and of course, blogs. Most importantly, it gives my kids a chance to test out their creativity and grow their online acumen.

In my mind, we have been at a new industrial revolution since the turn of this century; it’s an online revolution where computer knowledge is required for anyone to use for their benefit, or for those un-narcissitic folks, for the benefit of society. I know this isn’t an original idea; many family website exist out there. But it’s a big step for us California Ursals. We like to keep things private.

So we are going to come out of our shell. It’s now my children’s turn to tell their stories. Hopefully, this family website will be one of the keys to opening the doors to their dreams and aspirations. It’s something I hope they can pass on to their children, and future generations to come, so that my family will always remember their origins.

Here’s to a new online journey…

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