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A happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! what a crazy month, but I’m still here trying to get over the fact that basketball and writing are two passions that are hard to intertwine. I write at night, work during the day, and coach ball in the evening. And lately, I’ve been distracted by the play of NBA player Jeremy Lin. It’s been Linsane!

As an AAU basketball coach of Filipino descent who grew up proving himself on the Michigan hardwood courts as a kid, the rise of Jeremy Lin–the first American-Taiwanese player in NBA basketball–has me smiling ear-to-ear.

I remember road games in high school where fans would point and pull the ends of their eyes towards their cheeks and the chant “wonton wonton”. My only thought then was how stupid they were not to know I’m Filipino, not Chinese, and there was a distinct difference that I thought was important. But to them, I was Asian–Chinese, Taiwanese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian–all rolled into one.

Now my son and daughters can see that with hard work and faith, anyone—white, black, Asian, Latino–can make it in America. So I’m forever grateful to Jeremy Lin for breaking down the Asian bias prevalent among American basketball scouts, coaches, referees and fans. As a referee and basketball coach, it is my feeling that Jeremy Lin will be the first of many Asian ballers to come out of the Bay area for sure!


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