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Last Blog of 2011: Top 10 Words of the Year

An organization called the Global Language Monitor employes a technology known as NarrativeTracker that analyzes English language usage on social media, the Internet, the blogosphere and in the top 75,000 print and electronic global media sources in order to select the 10 most tossed-around terms of the times.

“Our selections this year to a large extent reflect the ongoing political and economic uncertainty that seems to be affecting much of the developed world — with notable exceptions such as the Royal wedding and the continuing rise of China,” said Paul J.J. Payack, president of the Global Language Monitor.

Here are the Global Language Monitor’s top 10 words of 2011:

01. Occupy — The preferred verb of protesters occupies the top spot this year. Not only has “occupy” risen to fame because of the Occupy Movement (Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland, etc.), it is also used in the context of the occupation of Iraq and the so-called “Occupied Territories.”

02. Deficit — Fiscal deficits are a growing and possibly intractable problem for many economies in the developed world, and have become a frequent topic of discussion.

03. Fracking — Hydraulic fracturing, a controversial method of extracting fossil fuels from otherwise unreachable places , has turned into a hot-button issue dividing ultra-capitalists and environmentalists.

04. Drone — An ever-increasing number of remotely piloted aircraft are being used for reconnaissance and attack purposes, especially to target wanted terrorists.

05. Non-veg — A meal served with meat. The term originated in India (where “veg” is the norm), and is now catching on worldwide.

06. Kummerspeck — This German word, which literally translates as “grief bacon,” refers to excess weight gained from emotional overeating. This year, it worked its way into the English-speaking world.

07. Haboob — A name imported from Arabic that has been used to describe the massive sandstorms in the American Southwest this year.

08. 3Q — This texting shorthand for “thank you” may have arisen as a combination of the Mandarin and Japanese word for the number three, which is “san,” and Q; put together, they sound like “thank you.” The slang has been banned from official Chinese dictionaries, but is commonly found elsewhere.

09. Trustafarians — These are well-to-do youths (also sometimes called “trust-funders” or “trust fund babies”) who adopt faux-Bohemian lifestyles. A play on Rastafarians, the term first became popular as a reference to wealthy kids who took part in the London Riots .

10. (The Other) 99 — A reference to the majority of those living in Western democracies who have been left out of the dramatic rise in earnings associated with “the top 1 percent” — itself, another frequently uttered phrase.

Have a safe New Year’s Eve!

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Adios 2011

New Year’s Eve always brings out the nostalgia in me. What have I done this year? Have I progressed in my writing? More importantly, have I provided for my family? Have I been a good husband? Dad? Brother? Son? Have I helped make the world a better place?

I come up with various answers, always leaning towards the positive. It is my opinion that life can only be lived by looking at the bright side of things without being naive to what I need to improve on.

There’s always room for improvement. I have a lot I want to do with my writing, but I have faith that an author’s work will be recognized at the time it was destined to. My writing goal in 2012 is to continually work on my writing and let the chips fall where they may. In truth, how other people will respond to my writing is out of my control. In 2012, I write to satisfy an inside desire to tell stories that make sense to me.

And one day, hopefully it makes sense to a few other people.

Thank you 2011 for teaching me many lessons. I hope to learn from these lessons to become a better person, primarily to focus on the moment without letting it pass me by so quickly. My kids are growing so fast that I will work on pressing the pause button. 

To all my writer friends, may your writings be heard by the world and may satisfaction come to you through your prose. To my music industry friends, take care of yourself and keep pounding out hits. To family and friends, thank you for being in my life.

I wish you all a prosperous 2012!

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Happy holidays!

My focus on writing has taking a detour with the holiday parties and gift giving season. I also referee high school basketball, so I’ve been running up and down the hardwood most evenings.

At the back of my mind is always my writing, something I probably take too seriously. I should release some of my work on this blog or just go ahead and release one story soon.

In today’s publishing world, stories centered around Filipino folklore is niche. Is there a major publisher who would take a chance on it? Never say never, but so far my efforts have proven no.

Everything in due time, I know. I am just like any other writer. Meanwhile, I try to laugh off my quandary that many writers go through, but I do it Pinoy style by asking Ate Vange for writing advice! This video on YouTube hopefully makes you all laugh! Happy holidays!

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