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Left or Right?

Lately, I’ve been closely following the Occupy Oakland movement. My day job has me a few blocks away, and I find myself intrigued by the empowerment of the 99% to have their voice heard. I support their hope for financial equality and their right to free speech. It’s this right to be heard that makes me wonder if I should just take the plunge and self publish one of my manuscripts.

I’ve always wanted to have my work published through a New York publishing house. This has been my big dream as a writer. But as I continue to work at my manuscript and send out queries, I find it difficult to find a home for my stories. I had one publisher pick up one of my manuscripts, only to drop it once they went out of business. I consider that a blessing in disguise. Another agent told me that she enjoyed my writing style, but would find it difficult to sell a story with Filipino protaganists to a publisher in today’s day and age.

All of my stories have Filipino characters, but I strive to write universal-themed stories about love and hope. But finding an agent or publisher willing to take a chance on my perspective is quite a challenge.

So the question remains: Do I still pursue my dream of New York publishing acceptance? Or take the plunge and self-publish before my manuscripts sue me for keeping them captive in my laptop?

Frankly, I’m still thinking about it. I’m not quite sure which road to take. The one on the left or right.

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