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Subject I Love You

Went down to Southern California to support friends who produced the film Subject: I Love You, premiering this weekend at the Newport Film Festival.

In my eyes, this is the first film since The Debut that will affect the Filipino American community on a grand scale, so here’s to hoping it does well! In the meantime, everyone is celebrating the film’s premiere and I’m having a good time meeting Hollywood folks!

And hopefully this post comes out okay since I’m typing this on my iPhone.

Technology = sweeeeeet!


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Writing conumdrum

As a songwriter and fiction writer, I find myself caught in different moods.

Should I focus on working on that melody that’s stuck in my head?

Or on that scene in my manuscript?

That’s where I’ve been lately, caught somewhere in between, going with whatever inspires me at the time.
And this makes me realize I’m not the writer model citizen.

Most writers I know put time out each night to work on the latest manuscript. I dedicate time, but feel like I haven’t really focused…really focused…just scattered.

So I’ll attempt again tonight.
Wish me luck.

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