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American Idol Season 10 – Go Thia!

Filipino American Thia Megia is the real deal on American Idol Season 10. And she’s from Mountain House, the town I live in. And regardless of the fact she’s a local girl and Filipino, she has one of the best voices on the show!

Personally, it’s great to see the musical talent from the Filipino community really making a global impact. of the Black Eyed Peas, Charice, Sway Penala, and Thia Megia are just a few of the names of singers and musicians representing. I know there’s a bunch I’m missing! I’m really proud of our community evolving and being able to perform competitively in the arts. Filipinos used to be the folks who worked behind the scenes, but now this is changing (finally!).

I remember when I worked in the music industry full-time, Filipinos would support each other simply based on the fact we were Filipino. I didn’t think that mentality helped cultivate the development of our community’s skills. We just gave each other props based on ethnicity, not necessarily talent or quality. And I was probably the biggest culprit of this.

But today’s talent…I’m excited for the future!!!! And if a Filipina American becomes the American Idol, I will probably just cry.

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