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I’m currently reading Banished by Sophie Littlefield. It tells a story of a small town girl who discovers her hidden legacy…and there’s some cool supernatural stuff in it that I think Young Adult readers will enjoy. One thing I love about Sophie is she has the coolest names for characters. Chub, the younger brother in this book, has to be one of my characters. Word is this is a first of a series…sweet. I wonder how long it will take until this series becomes a movie? If it does, you heard it here first!

It comes highly recommended and I am so happy for Sophie’s success. Northern California authors represent!

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Here’s to 2011

New Year’s Resolution: keep
blog interesting. Undoubtedly, a most subjective goal. As a writer,
I’m constantly at odds with myself. Should I keep this scene in a
manuscript? How much should I include about the Filipino culture?
Will anyone empathize with my hero or heroine? Is my story any
good? It’s a constant internal battle that all writers face. It’s a
leap of faith, a scary one to be sure, but one I’ll be taking this
year with my first novel “To Keep A Promise.”
It’s a story based in Alameda, California circa 2001 about teenage
love that spirals into a much deeper set of issues when my heroine
is betrayed by her first love’s best intentions. The novel has been
optioned to be made into a movie, which is
industry lingo for maybe the movie will be made one
. But hey, at least there’s an IMDB page.
I know the novel has to kick butt to increase the chances of a film
being produced. It’s scheduled to be released in October, which is
Filipino American Month. So yes, there is a Filipino element to the
story that I hope contributes to the universal theme of love and
faith. I say scheduled because release dates change all the time in
the world of publishing. But as of this writing, October 10, 2011
is the day. I also know that I’m a debut author, which means I’m at
the bottom of the commercial publishing totem pole. The fact is I’m
a higher financial risk for a publisher than any of the authors
I’ve linked in this blog. In today’s publishing world, debut
authors aren’t getting the marketing support as in years past until
book sales prove otherwise. I know I will have to invest in my own
marketing. Yikes, to say the least. But like all writers, I believe
in my story, pray for my novel, and bite my nails thinking about
the reaction from reviewers. I know I’m not the first one to be
down this road, and hopefully this won’t be my only attempt to make
it as a successful novelist. Here’s to 2011…as ready as I’ll ever
be for the journey ahead.

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