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Writing in the middle of football season

At least four nights a week, I sit behind my computer after the kids are asleep and escape into a fictional world I created in my mind. I’m now two manuscripts complete, which basically means I have it done from beginning to end, but continually edit edit edit in my attempt to make it perfect. All writers do this once they finish a manuscript and like most writers, I toil over every little word.

I’m in the middle of football season. Most people think that means I’m in the midst of stressing over my fantasy football team, but for me, it means officiating high school football games throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve tried to keep up my writing schedule, but it’s been hard the last few weeks. I’m hoping to find a rhythm, but it’s challenging — officiating football is mentally and physically stressful.

So why do I do it? Because I love the sport of football. Plain and simple.

But this football season, when I get home after a game–I sleep unable to uncover any source of creativity with the hope I have enough energy to write the next day. I know this is self-inflicted and I should be focusing on writing, but I’m bent on making this all balance out.

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