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More changes in book publishing, ebooks take hold

The reactions are coming in on Dorchester Publishing’s announcement they are ditching mass market publishing in favor of an e-book business model.

I predicted this would happen to traditional publishers in my January 2010 posts, but my crystal ball was a few years down the road. It’s all happening so fast that so many authors I know are just rolling with the punches not sure where the industry is headed. If you take into account the downsizing of staff and number of stores at B&N’s and Borders, the shift in the publishing industry is well under way. I haven’t had a book released yet and I’m still struggling on how this will affect me!

It’s still my belief that e-book sales through the iPad and Kindle will reach about 20% marketshare by summer 2011 with younger readers leading this charge. Bookstores will continue to downsize and traditional publishers, the big New York publishers, will be very conservative on the number of books they print. New authors will have to work even harder to get a traditional publisher to take them on.

To me, this is a scary, yet exciting time for a new author to enter the marketplace!

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4 Responses

  1. josh1340 says:

    I have yet to try out an ebook, but I guess that a lot of people love them. I am going to stick with the old fashioned book. After all, stacks of ebooks don’t make you look as smart as stacks of novels lying around your house.

    • reno1107 says:

      I’m with you Josh. I’ve tried the ipad and Kindle. To me, there’s nothing like the smell and feel of a physical book. But the ebook movement is under way, especially with the younger readers from what I’ve seen. Congrats on the blog award!

  2. superlum says:

    I’m a digital kind of guy and I like the digital format whether it’s epub or pdf or whatever format they’ll have in the future. I like to read my PDF versions of my tech books like JavaScript on my iPad.

    I do get that people prefer books. I don’t think that they’ll go away but I do think that they will be as niche as vinyl records. I also think that comic book stores will be going the same with way.

    A coworker of mine who has a Kindle absolutely loves to read. She likes that she can be anywhere and download a new book in a minute.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • reno1107 says:

      I’m slowly accepting the digital book in my life. I still love my printed books, but must face reality. Ebooks are different, but still nonetheless awesome.

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