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So I just read the news about B&N offering self-publishing services starting this summer. It’s actually digital self-publishing specifically targeted towards The Nook e-reader. As the self-publishing market continues to expand, it makes me wonder where publishing will be five short years from now.

The last couple months I’ve been heavily entrenched in the writing of my second manuscript. Just when I’m happy with how a chapter is written, I come back the next day and find twenty other things I don’t like about it. I’ve been able to keep to my goal of 5000 words a day for three days out of the week, and not feeling like I’m sacrificing my time with my wife and kids. My son is loving t-ball and my girls are balleting and artworking their way to the next level (yes, I know balleting and artworking aren’t words).

I truly feel blessed to have my family to balance my goals of being a writer. Otherwise, I think I would be going mad in the cave behind a computer screen trying to get past writer’s block. After I play with the kids and we get them down for the night, it’s like my engine is revved up to write – and I know I owe it all to the energy of my kids. But that’s also another reason I stick to my three days a week rule – the other four nights I fall asleep exhausted!

Kids are coming….gotta go!

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