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The i-Change in Publ-i-shing

I remember working in the music industry ten years ago when Apple introduced the iPod and the iTunes music store. I was at Apple Headquarters at Infinite Loop in Cupertino a room full of music industry executives and I remember getting goosebumps from the excitement on how iTunes would change the rules of music distribution.

Fast forward to January 27, 2010 and the introduction of the iPad. It’s a cool little device and like how the books look like they’re on shelves, but it’s not the iPad device itself, it’s the free iBookstore application that will be available on the iPad as a free download. This store will change the rules of publishing forever.

Amazon’s Kindle and the brick and mortar stores like Barnes & Nobles and Borders are just about to feel the aftershocks of the iBookstore.

It reminds me how I felt that day in 2000 when I listened to Apple executives speak of how iTunes will change the music industry forever.

The question is how quickly will e-reading take off? Me says very quickly with Kindle and the iPad providing plenty of outlets for readers to try it out. But will readers stay longterm with this e-reading fad? Or go back to physical books because of it’s intimate comfort?

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