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Publishing what?

So a brand new digital publisher shut it doors even before it released one title. Quartet Press announced its launch in June 2009, and today announced its closing.

I wonder what the real story is behind this venture. Were they that off on their financial projections? They had signed 7 authors since June 09, but now the rights of those books get reverted back to the authors. Click here for the full story at Publishers Weekly. If you’re one of the authors who signed with them, what do you do now? I would be super frustrated!

I’m still working on my second novel tentatively entitled The Last Remaining. It’s a story of a girl who – against every gut instinct – falls for a guy who shows her there’s definitely more to her ethnicity than she ever imagined. I’ll probably post a chapter online pretty soon, especially since the copyright stuff is finalized. Sorry, can’t reveal more though – I’ve been advised to not go into detail until the book is out there.

Football season starts tomorrow night. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Tennessee Titans, with trash talkin’ to boot! My fantasy football team is set for another Super Bowl run, plus I have a couple high school games to officiate this weekend. I’m so freakin’ stoked football season is back!

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