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Baseball. Again.

My Atlanta Braves traded Jeff Franceour to the NY Mets yesterday! Wow! After the initial shock wore off, I think the Braves got the better end of the deal. Ryan Church is solid and consistent at this stage of his career. Franceour has so much promise, but he had worn out his potential in Atlanta. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tore it up for The Mets, but something tells me he may struggle more due to the impatience of the New York media and fans. Let’s face it, Bobby Cox gave him 5 years as the Braves right fielder, about the same amount of time David Justice started as right fielder in the 90’s. The longest tenured outfielder for the Braves will forever be homerun king Hank Aaron, but Dale Murphy and Andruw Jones were the longest tenured modern day Braves outfielders. If Franceour doesn’t improve on being patient at the plate, I believe Franceour gave the Braves his best years.

On the local front, I’m excited for the San Francisco Giants organization. Jonathan Sanchez threw a no-hitter yesterday! And with Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain anchoring, the Giants look solid for years to come. It’s an added bonus knowing Tim Lincecum is 1/2 Filipino, a big deal for a Filipino American like me who dreamed about being in the major leagues. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a rocket arm and I couldn’t hit. The only thing I could do was field 2nd base and shortstop with the best of ’em. The Giants also had the first full-blooded Filipino in the majors last year. Geno Espineli, a left-handed reliever was called up by the Giants in 2008.

Officially, I’ll be a Braves fan for life, but the SF Giants are officially in second place.

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