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Real on real estate

At night, I write. By day, I’m a real estate appraiser. I live in California and have been a first-hand witness to the bursting of the real estate bubble. Home values have declined 50% in some areas, while other more insulated cities have only been hit marginally. The area I live has been hit bigtime! Home values still continue to depreciate!

The title of real estate appraiser also attains many assumptions by people out there. Some also believe I have the ability to sell a house or that I’m a loan modification expert. I am not a real estate broker. My niche role is an appraiser – I value property, specializing in Commercial Real Estate transactions. My job is heavily affected by the actions of lenders, banks, servicers and investors and now, commercial real estate is getting hit. Shopping malls are going bankrupt, stores are closing, large national chain stores are downsizing.

Within this downward real estate spiral, there has been a boom in the loan modification industry, giving a chance to people who bought during the peak to modify an existing loan to today’s more modest financial picture. I’ll touch base on loan modifications in another post, but it’s safe to say, the sharks have arrived. Be careful when approached by a 3rd party company to work on a loan modification. They’ll take your money and run!

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Someone recently asked me why I write. It took me a few seconds to answer, mostly because I couldn’t imagine not writing. I’ve been writing since I was a kid and write everyday as an adult. The more appropriate question should be “Why not?”

Sports has been on my mind lately. I’ve been frustrated lately with my Atlanta Braves. Why can’t they go on a 11 game winning streak like the Rockies. (heavy sigh) I’m happy with the Nate McClouth trade, but not the release of Tom Glavine. He would injected a different type of energy into the team, with Hanson still waiting in the wings.

The NBA finals is over. Congratulations to Kobe, Pau, Derek, Trevor and the rest of The Lakers. You were the best team this year, but the story may have been different if Garnett didn’t get injured. It doesn’t matter now though, congrats to the Lakers!

Now I can turn my attention to the NBA Draft. Hopefully my Pistons will turn things around starting now (optimism optimism optimism…don’t let reality hit just yet).

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