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The people close to me know how much of a BIG baseball fan I am. My team of choice is the Atlanta Braves. Even though I grew up in Northern Michigan, they had 150 games aired on TBS and I couldn’t help but watch them everyday. Dale Murphy. Bob Horner. Chris Chambliss. Bruce Benedict. Rafael Ramirez. Glenn “Mother” Hubbard. These were the players I identified with during the 1980’s Braves. My most relaxing time is 1) either at the ballpark or 2) watching any baseball game on my couch.

Today, the Braves lost to the SF Giants 8-2. We’re 23-21, and I’m hopefully we can go on a run on this road trip. We just need Chipper to get healthy. I keep seeing concern over our outfield on fan forums and AJC newspaper articles, but I hope people can remember that the 1990’s Braves were built on pitching. I think Frank Wren is getting us back to that edict. Sure, Franceour only has three homeruns, but pitching and solid defense will always keep a team in the hunt. I say stick with what we have until the All-Star break and evaluate then. We shouldn’t duplicate the Texeira deal ever again!!

I hope to write a novel one day around a baseball setting. I’ve written one with basketball, but I don’t think I can call my writing career complete without attempting a baseball love story. Ah, the future, it holds so many possibilities.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. We went cherry picking and spent time with extended family. Three day weekends go by so quickly.

Now, off to sleep. Work calls in the morning…

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