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Just when I thought spring weather would remain sunny, the rain is back in Northern California. Oh well, rainy weather puts me in a writing mood, while sunny weather makes me want to run around outside! This past weekend, I celebrated the victory of Manny Pacquio over Ricky Hatton with thirty other family members jumping up and down in excitement. It is inspiring to see Filipinos from all walks of life able to put differences aside and root for one cause – in this case, one boxer who happens to be the most powerful boxer in the world right now. Did you see that shot Hatton took to the chin? Damn!

So I’ve been working on my second novel, tentatively entitled Brown Jungle. A long way to go, but I’m happy with how the plot is developing. This is my first paranormal and this novel will be the first of a trilogy that will probably take years for me to write.

My three kids keep me busy, so how to find time to write? It’s a constant challenge…time. More time to spend with the family. More time to write. More time to edit video. And as I hit my mid-30’s, I’m finding it harder to function at work when I only have two hours sleep the night before. I end up walking around like a zombie, quite literally.

Oh, how I miss my college days in Ann Arbor when I could take exams, play ball and go out with the girl on two hours sleep every night…oh the memories.

Here’s to the constant challenge of finding the time…

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