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Life must go on

It’s been a tough week in Mountain House and Tracy. The killer of Sandra Cantu hasn’t been found and we learned today there will be a public memorial, giving the entire area a chance to publicly share their love for Sandra. The autopsy findings haven’t been revealed and I can imagine it will take a few weeks before any information is released. Please let there be enough evidence to find whoever did this to her.

As I’ve had time to consider the impact of Sandra Cantu on our town and my family, I’m always brought back to how everyone came together for one little girl. I actually feel relieved that so many people care and helped with the search. It tells a lot about the community of people in Mountain House and Tracy and I’m very proud of the people here. After time passes, wounds will slowly ease, although still very pained. We will never forget Sandra’s life and the lessons learned from her passing.

Tomorrow, my son gets four immunization shots. I’m humbled more than ever to be able to share moments like this with him and my girls, another reminder to me how life continually keeps me inspired to write.

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