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MH Book Club

I went to the Mountain House book club meeting today. I ran a little late trying to find the house, but finally found it and I walked in to a very cordial host. I also was the only male in the room of seven women. I found myself nervous, thinking I should of joined the husbands playing flag football earlier in the day, but alas, I am a lover of books so I stayed. We discussed the book Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, a book I read in early March. It’s a story set in Depression era America revolving around Jacob and Marlena, two star-crossed lovers who work for a traveling circus. You can read my review of the book on Goodreads.

It was interesting to hear everyone’s take on the story. I slowly started feeling more comfortable as the minutes went by and I actually spoke a few times about questions I had about the book. I mentioned I didn’t like the ending of the book and received interesting feedback. I also received more insight on “Patches” and “redlighting.” (Read the book, you’ll hear those terms)

I hadn’t been to a book club meeting in years. The last time I remember going was a student book club in Ann Arbor and that seems like ages ago! It was good to be in a room of readers who believe in the truth good books provide on reality. I’ve always believed in the power of the book. I want to thank all the ladies of putting up with me at the first book club meeting. Hopefully I contributed something new and valuable to the group. I’m glad there’s finally a book club in Mountain House!

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Striving for Perfection

All writers have gone through it. Attempting to write the perfect novel. As an aspiring novelist, I’m currently in that mode, sometimes spending too much time on a simple sentence.

The manuscript I’m currently working on is a story revolving around teenage love, its innocent beginning and its blossoming into a lifelong gift. In a world that looks at one’s first love as a distant memory, I find it amazing to hear about two people who felt a connection at such a young age.

I had to make many mistakes before I figured out how to love someone, but in some parts of the world, there are couples who just knew and have been together since high school. It utterly amazes me when I meet couples like this and it’s a great mystery worth exploring.

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